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              2019.8.20 學術報告:光学干涉系统中的相位调制技术


              時間:2019-08-19  來源:瞬態光學研究室文本大小:【 |  | 】  【打印





                摘要: Optical interferometric system is a commonly used tool for the investigation of optical waves. It gives the possibility of detecting optical waves in an indirect scheme, because no counter is available to directly register the fast oscillations in the level of optical frequencies. Phase-shifting technique further renders the optical interferometric system quantitative, in which the phase of the optical wave is detected precisely. A reliable and proper phase modulator is more than a guarantee for a successful investigation, but also determines the features of the system. In this presentation, I will show you our recent attempts for the development of a versatile phase modulator which is capable to be applied in diverse interferometric systems. Its usage in interferometer, microscope, and holography system will be introduced.

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